Wednesday, May 28, 2014

40 days 40 Words: Fulfillment

Happiness, that illusive concept that everyone keeps trying to find. The more you search for it the less likely you will find it.  A while back  I was making a very conscious effort to do little things (thoughtful things) for others that might make them happy. A sweet note, making a favorite meal, giving little party favors.  I felt like my life was bursting at the seams with happiness. I've fallen away from that some, simply because life gets so busy, the days are filled with obligations, and sometimes finding the time for the little "special touches" is difficult. Yet I crave it. Not so others will say how great I am (sometimes people don't even notice) but because it brings ME happiness. It is my first plan of action post retirement, bringing back those fun little touches, dinners, gifts, fun adventures, etc.
What are you hungry for?  It changes throughout your lifetime.
I am hungry for a life of purpose, for days filled seeking authentic experiences, noticing the little things in life that matter and are so often ignored. I'm hungry for days lost in writing and nights filled with laughter. I'm not finished growing as a person but rather feel as if I have been in the cocoon of my work life and now am about to emerge into a different reality.
Powerful words from Mark Twain.
Education has been a fulfilling career but I have new paths to wander, new things to write about, new adventures to learn from and more happiness to spread. Can't wait to blog the First Year of Retirement!

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