Friday, May 23, 2014

40 Days 40 Words: Journey

People who know me realize I like the word journey, after all look at the title of this blog. So my 40 words wouldn't be complete without a post about the word journey.

Our journey through life is a glorious walk that sometimes feels like a run, especially from this stage of the journey. Along the way there are so many twists and turns, detours and dead ends that we often wonder where we are headed.  At some spots along the path we have a clear vision of our destination while other times the path is tangled and overgrown with weeds making it very difficult to put one foot in front of the other. We might pause and rest for a bit but regardless of our self imposed "breaks" in the journey, it never really stops.

There are miles of the journey that are more like a quest. I use the medieval definition here in this context:  an adventurous expedition undertaken by a knight or knights to secure or achieve something: example: the quest of the Holy Grail. Other miles just flow by at a stroll. Don't value one more than the other, they both have meaning and together comprise the journey through life.
This quote has always been one I find meaning in. It reminds me that no matter what I want to accomplish, just beginning is the most essential step. It reminds me that journeys come in many shapes and forms, sometimes we begin one without even realizing it! I've many miles in this journey through education, along the way there have been more than a few stumbles, but each time the journey continued. At one point I considered leaving the education field altogether and pursuing a fulltime career as a professional counselor. I'm so glad I didn't. I just wouldn't be at the point in life I am now if I had taken that detour.

Another favorite quotation (same source: Lao Tzu). I think in retirement I will endeavor to live this one out more fully. As we become too focused on the "getting there". we miss so many things along the way. I will learn to "stroll" more. I will take in all the little signs of beauty along the way. I will let each day unfold and know that it will take me along the path that I need.
Down to the final 8 words!  I hope you are enjoying reading the 40 Days 40 Words series as much as I am enjoying writing it!

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