40 Days 40 Words: Love

Love, it's a strong word isn't it. Some people think we use it too much and not in the right context. I love pizza, I love the Cardinals, I love summer, etc. Perhaps there's some truth in that. Does using it so much and in such mundane circumstances diminish it? Perhaps.
Ten Things I Loved in Education
1. Kids, especially five year olds!
2. Sharing tears and laughter, frustrations and triumphs with some really great people
3. Summers off (ok, admit it...you love that too!)
4. Sharing my love of reading
5. Making a difference, somewhere, somehow, for someone.
6. Learning as much from the kids as they learned from me.
7. That it forced me to never stop learning, adjusting, changing and growing.
8. That it provided a good life for my family.
9. That every day was truly a new beginning
10. That it has an awesome retirement system!


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