Thursday, May 22, 2014

40 Days 40 Words: Memories

So after school was the cake reception for all the retirees in the district this year. There were five of us but only one certified staff person: ME. I'm so thankful for the people that stopped by to wish us all well. The memories will always remain wherever I am.

Sometimes in looking back we really discover how much we care about the people that we work(ed) with. I have received many cards in the mail from co workers from the past and they are a delight to read because they always remind me of some memory.
Rich has taught my kids during their high school years and stopped by to wish me well before he headed to ANOTHER Cardinal game!

Pam taught drama at the middle school when I first started there. I would always have to borrow Excedrin from she bought me a bottle as a retirement gift. Thanks Pam, I'm sure I'll need it the last week.

Missy and Sarah, sixth grade teachers.....I'm going to miss you guys!

Cresia, Barb, and Stacie came by too. I didn't get a picture of them at the cake reception but this is from the retirement dinner. Don't think I could have made it without this trio!

Yes one of my favorite words: memories.


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