Friday, May 2, 2014

40 Days 40 Words: Patience

Patience is a good word in the education field. For example, if you don't like

a. A program you are doing
b. Your administrator
c. The book series you are using
d. The school board
e. State testing

(Take your pick)  Just be patient and it will change. There's really nothing new in education. Just the same things, boxed differently and called by another name,

I'm not really all that patient but then again I should give myself some credit as I did manage to last 30 years in education.
Here are my top five thoughts about patience.
1. You don't know what the lives are like for the children in your classroom. Be patient as they learn to maneuver outside familiar territory.
2. Patience isn't a virtue....that's just what we say when we want to make people feel better while they are waiting!
3. Patience with yourself and your mistakes and your fears is just as important as being patient in other things!
4. Sometimes (ok most of the time) you spend more time worrying about when and how than you would spend if you just waited patiently.
5. Everything happens in its own time.

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