Wednesday, May 7, 2014

40 Days 40 Words: Reflect

Reflect can be used a lot of ways when I think about 30 years in education but a word of caution: Don't let reflecting become dwelling on the past. As in anyone's life there are good and bad things, there are things that I would have done a little differently, there are times I should have spoken up and times I should have been quiet. In reality though they are what they are, no going back. So if there is no going back then let go.

Currently, I try to use the word reflect to focus on the here and now. To allow my mind to wander the paths that might yet be not the ones overgrown with weeds from the past. I did a lot of reflecting before choosing to retire. This blog series is reflection on some words that sort of sum up my career life.

So I want to end with this little quotation that I think fits so well....I mean we use pencils everyday in school and the lessons from a pencil are profound.....

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