Tuesday, May 6, 2014

40 Days 40 Words: Simple

Education is both simple and complex but I'd say each day it gets a little more complicated. Thirty years ago one needed a good understanding of children and a great knowledge base. Mix in a little classroom management and communication skills and you had it made! Today it's a bit more complicated.

Not only are teachers faced with higher and higher expectations about student achievement but they are also faced with a multitude of emotional and behavioral issues. Add a good dose of attitude from both parents and students alike and you can see trouble on the horizon.

Don't get me wrong, there are still plenty of really good kids, ones that like learning but more importantly respect the adults trying to help them learn. However there is an increasingly growing population of students and parents who want to place the blame for "school problems" on anyone but themselves. It's sad really. I'll be frank; there are some teachers that might not be suited to the classroom either. The solution is pretty simple......

I'm not talking about throwing out technology or ignoring real world knowledge that children need. I'm talking about putting first things first. Good reading skills and a firm understanding of math concepts. Let's get rid of the phones in every pocket (at least while at school). I love my phone as well as the next person but real communication is also about being able to write and speak to others without hiding behind the screen of the newest smart phone.

Let's expect students to have basic manners and to "know" that the teacher is in control. It doesn't feel like that much any more. Instead it feels like students are running the schools and teachers are at their mercy. AGAIN...I want to say there are a lot of good kids but overall society is concocting a brew of students who might never make it in the work force. The "sterile" and politically correct school setting is in realty setting them up for failure. No one is going to hold a job with 72% attendance and when a boss says "jump" they expect you to do it....like NOW....not after a long argument about WHY they have the right to expect you to respond.

It's a crazy world folks and it's only getting crazier!  Let's make it simple...let's get back to the basics of common courtesy and learning. It's the way education should "roll".

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