Monday, May 5, 2014

40 Days 40 Words: Treasure

So today's word is treasure. And it immediately brought to mind the awesome retirement party that my good friends at the middle school organized.  I will treasure the memory of it always. There were a few people I would have loved to be there that weren't able to make it but overall that roomful of people represented most of the people I had hoped would attend. I am truly blessed. Hoping to see some of the others at my family party too...remember I have two months worth of celebrating to do... May and June!
Here's the group from the school...with Jenny hiding back there behind Jackie!

Here's the family group minus Cindy and Shane. (And Justin who couldn't make it.) I will need to make sure and get a family picture with him at the family party. :)

Cindy and Shane in another shot!
Me with my awesome gift!
My cool reading!  They also did a murder mystery where they were accusing me of murdering Tom Hilbert, who ended up not being dead after all. Thank goodness!!
Waiting for my mystery gift...the bike!!
I hope that all of the wonderful people in my life know how much I treasure them!

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