Wednesday, June 4, 2014

40 Days 40 Words: Steps

Steps, this blog post isn't about the ending but rather the beginning. Every great journey starts with a single step.

This journey is no exception,....let it begin!  Saturday June 7th will be my last big retirement celebration hosted by my daughter, Katie.  I'll enjoy laughing and talking surrounded by an amazing group of people. Then the "door" will be closed on my retirement and I will write the next chapter of my life.

Every summer has a story. So many people are envious of those in education that have summers off but the truth is there is a "down" side to it too. You start to feel like you live your lives in those months, cramming in as much as possible. While the start of summer brings great joy the end of summer brings a whole mix of emotions: anxiety, anticipation, worry, and excitement. The truth is, for those with the intense job of working with students the other 9 months of the year take so much energy, hours, and sometimes heartache that the summer really doesn't make up for it. In recent years the "summer" has gotten shorter and shorter. I'm going to SEE how this summer feels. This summer will have a story too....just like all the will it be different? What will the autumn story feel like? 

After that last fun filled retirement party, we head off on our MAJOR summer adventure....the Alaska cruise!  What a wonderful way to start my retirement adventures. I'm sure I'll be blogging about it so you will get to "live" the adventure with me.

I'm also looking forward to some other adventures this summer: more time with Evan and friends at our place in Bennett Springs, a 50th birthday adventure day with my friend Cresia, and later a trip to Chicago with friends. 

Thank you to all who shared in my last year by reading here at Ginger's Journey!

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