Friday, June 27, 2014

Day One: The Great Alaska Adventure

June 10th 2014

It seems odd to start the Great Alaska Adventure off with pictures from Seattle, doesn't it? Well Cresia's friend, Joe lives on Vashon Island and so we started our adventure a little early via Seattle.

We started out at Lambert. The flight was delayed a little so we decided a photo op with Flat Freddie was called for, Notice we started out with two....but only one returned....more about that later.
Finally we are on the plane when we are told we need to wait a few minutes due to lightening in the area, not the most confidence inspiring moments! Even after waiting we ran into a storm and some turbulence.
Thankfully Joe remember to meet us at the airport and then we were on our way to his home on Vashon Island via the ferry. My grandson Evan, is amazed that we used so many modes of transportation on this trip!
The next picture is one of our now "famous" selfies. We took quite a few on the trip and people kept asking us if we wanted them to take a picture of all of us. To be polite we "let" them but we had lots more laughs trying to get a good selfie!  Cresia developed a talent or it by the end of the trip. However Joe took this one on the ferry.
Seattle looking pretty. The view of Seattle from the ferry was just the start of some awe inspiring sights that we encountered on the Great Alaska Adventure but the houses nestled on the coast of the city are so unique and pretty.
We decided the sunset was so pretty that we needed to pose for another picture.
Isn't this just beautiful? Sunset over the water always is!
We relaxed a bit while Cresia and Joe caught up on all the Kennett news then off to bed!

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