Home from the Great Alaska Adventure

I am home!  It's bittersweet!  We had an amazing trip but home is always sweet! This is a picture of us on the train from Denali to Fairbanks. What an awesome ride. This is in the dinner car where Dale, Barb, and I had prime rib and Cresia had chicken,. We ended the meal with an awesome warm brownie with ice cream and chocolate syrup. But I'm getting ahead of myself...there were plenty of full exciting days prior to the train ride. I am going to attempt to blog them. I'll gather my notes, Cresia's notes and all our combined memories to try and give you a glimpse into the trip of a lifetime!

I've had a two hour nap (that flight from Fairbanks to Chicago was a killer) but I'm just not up to starting this blog series....so see you soon with Day One of The Great Alaska Adventure!


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