Monday, June 9, 2014

Retirement Party: A Retirement Fiesta

My "final" retirement party was June 7th and hosted by my family!  It was a ton of fun. We had Mexican food, drinks of all kinds and a photo booth. Needless to say we laughed and laughed!
These adorable creations were on the gift and cake table. So cute that I saved them all, as I want to redo my office and think they will work great in it!

The cuteness goes on and on! Love the sayings and the colors and the pint size of all of these. Katie also made me a book to put my messages from the attendees in.

Fun with my hubby and "old" friend, Cresia.
More fun with friends......
Family Craziness
My best years were the years teaching kindergarten with this lady!!
Mrs. Avis, our middle school nurse.
Christy Mouse and the Ginger Fairy
More "old" friends.
Tom, my old principal and his wife Angie, elementary guidance counselor.
Audrey, Matt, and Evan
More friendship fun. I am so blessed to have such crazy family and friends who will jump in and join in the fun!!

George and Darlene.
Hmmmm.....I can't find a picture of my "old" principal Alan Dreyer, .....he owes me one....but I could have sworn I took at least one!!  

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