Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Searching for Self

I once wrote a short story that started out something like this.
"Have you ever found yourself staring into the eyes of a stranger only to realize that stranger is you."
In this day of social media, with constant "connections" to others through snapchat, texting and messaging we seldom have time to ponder "self". Yeah, yeah, I are going to insist that you know exactly who you are and what you want from life. Maybe you do...but most people have a hard time just putting their dreams into words. They can't tell you what they "like to do" let alone the kind of people they want to surround themselves with.
I've spent a lot of time of late, soul searching, trying to envision who I am and what I "believe" in. What do I stand for? How do I live a life of purpose without some answers to some very real questions? I'm the type of person that is always seeking to understand. Every answer I find typically unveils more questions.
The truth is "knowing yourself" is a constant process. The me I knew at 25 is not the me of now. Sure, some core aspects of self stay the same but our views, our focus, our "questions" change. Life is constant change and finding and celebrating your authentic self is no different.
My first question would be is soul and the authentic self the same thing?  My first response would be that they are. Yet that doesn't resonant with me either. It's complicated, isn't it.
Some people believe that the authentic self is your soul being made visible. The "real" you shining through so to speak. To me, however, self is a more human aspect of your being whereas, the soul is more spiritual. I think they are two sides, perhaps of the same coin. Perhaps the more in tune the two sides are the higher the value of the coin!
Why you might ask, am I pondering this? Quite honestly I haven't a clue. Before getting all "caught up" in blogging the "last year" and retirement, I always wrote random thoughts here at Ginger's Journey. Whatever came to mind made its way into my posts. I suspect the year ahead will be no different. Jumping from one thought, one musing, one topic or another I'll discover new answers, raise more questions, and just travel the paths in my heart and mind.

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