Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Great Alaska Adventure: Day 2 (Part One)

June 11, 2014
We started out our day with breakfast at a cute little place on Vashon Island called The Hardware Store. It actually used to be a hardware store but now it's a restaurant. We had a yummy breakfast complete with a yummy drink!
Then to the "famous" bicycle in a tree, followed by Quartermaster Harbor and we had to see the exercise bikes on the beach.
There's quite a story floating around the internet about the bike being left there by a soldier that went to war. Alas, in reality a little boy left it there because he didn't like it and told his mother it was stolen. Over the years the tree grew around it and the rest is, as they say, history!  It was so weird to see this as I had read about it on Facebook a couple months ago.
Awesome Cresia!  By the time the trip ended she was quite the pro.
Evidently people like to get rid of them and set them facing the water. We didn't see anyone actually riding them. Perhaps we should have stopped and done so!
We had a busy day planned so we headed for the ferry. Once in Seattle we headed to the Pike Place Market, home of the famous fish stand, the best chocolate covered cherries anywhere, and the original Starbucks!
Then there's Pike Place ....pig......
We bought some yummy Chukar Cherries. First we sampled several kinds (of course) My favorites were the ones coated in dark chocolate but Dale liked the milk chocolate ones. We bought two bags but hmmmm...neither one made it home from the trip.
There were also the most beautiful flowers at cheap, cheap prices! So pretty!
Then to "show" our girls how "hip and today" we are, we headed to the original Starbucks. We did have to stand in line for a bit but nothing like what I thought we might have to. :)
And we came out with two yummy drinks (and a couple gifts!) One of the things they sell in the store are glasses, mugs, and travel cups with the original logo on them. They are not available in any other Starbucks.
We hopped on the monorail to head over to the Spaceneedle....but that's a post for another day. Can you believe that this blog just represents the first half of our day in Seattle. WOW. What tourists we are and we managed to jam so much into one day that I will have to continue Day 2 in another blog post!
Ending with a final piece of advice from Vashon Island....

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