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Fridays and Faery Gardens

It's cloudy and overcast but I decided this morning would be a great day to finish that faery garden in a pot that I've been trying to get together all summer. This was aided by my friends Barb, Cresia, and Stacie who gave me a sweet little assortment of plants.

I had the cute little faery garden kit since right after Christmas but since it's been a busy summer as far as I got with it was buying a large pot.  Then the "girls" gave me some plants.

And of course, Kelsey and her friend John have been doing a GREAT job providing me with wine bottles to use as self water-ers so I used one in the faery garden!

The pictures don't do it justice. It's a cute little faery oasis.  I had to sit on the front porch for a bit and just admire it!

The Great Alaska Adventure: Day Five

June 14, 2014 We had a little trouble sleeping last night because as the ship cruised along we were afraid we would miss some awesome views. Our time is all messed up and the extra hours of sunlight really aren't helping. We woke up fairly early because it was light outside and headed down for breakfast. Yesterday when we got on the ship the elevator floor said Friday and we were like "surely they aren't going to change the floor sign every day." Well it's Saturday and as you can see, yes, yes they do change it everyday. By the end of the cruise we were glad because we kept forgetting what day it was! Today we cruised all day. We spent a lot of time on the balcony just watching the shoreline and also in the solarium. In the solarium we kept seeing what we thought were baby Orcas. They were black and white and swimming in groups. I said, 'there can't be THAT many baby whales."  Well later we were to find out that they are a kind of porpoise called a…

The Great Alaska Adventure Day Four

June 13, 2014
I wrote a little about day four in my last post As I mentioned getting on the ship itself took quite a while and several lines. Once we were on the ship we made our dinner reservations and then went to eat lunch. It was super crowded, of course, because everyone else decided to do the same thing.  We decided to go check out our rooms.

Dale and I were in Cabin 8604 and Cresia and Barb had cabin 8606. The rooms were actually much more spacious than I anticipated,

I'm certainly glad we got ones with balconies as this added so much to our trip. The views were awesome! As we pulled away from Vancouver we had no idea the sights that we would see, simply unable to describe them with words. The ocean and the shoreline changed over and over again as we cruised along! Our dinner reservations were late the first night. Ordered an artichoke and spinach tart as a starter. It was "ok".  Then I had a pork chop with mashed potatoes as my entrĂ©e. It was pretty tasty. For…

Great Alaska Adventure: Day Three

June 12th 2014

Living on an island is awesome but you are at the mercy of the ferries. We got up early to catch the ferry and make it to the Amtrak Train station where we were taking a bus to Vancouver. It was hard to leave the beauty of Seattle but we were ready for the next leg of our journey. Plus Joe was getting ready to head to Italy for a language immersion class.

The bus was very comfortable and we had plenty of room to take in the sights and perhaps even take a nap. :)

We had an interesting stop at the border. Those Canadians are totally serious about their borders. So they took out bags off the bus and scanned them with a wand (I think) I couldn't really see how they did it. Then we all got off with our carry ons and went through security. We passed with flying colors but three people on the bus were sent back for questioning. We ended up waiting for over an hour. One woman returned fairly quickly but it was a long time before one of the men did and the second man was k…

Great Alaska Adventure: Day Two (Part Two)

June 11, 2014 (afternoon)

So I need to finish up blogging Day Two of the great Alaska Adventure. What a day it was. We headed over to the Space Needle part of town and Barb suggested we check out Chihuly Garden and Glass. All of the pieces were so beautiful and big and colorful!

Some of the displays were outside just like a real garden! Some rooms were dark and the glass pieces were showcased by lighting. They seemed to dance in the room, vibrant with color and beauty. Some absolutely huge pieces were suspended from the ceiling, Some of these were inside. This one is in a room like a solarium with a glass ceiling! A day in Seattle wouldn't be complete without a visit to the Space Needle. The day was so clear and beautiful we could see everything, which is a rare occurrence. It was a breathtaking view even though I'm afraid of heights. Flat Freddy got in on the fun too! After seeing Seattle from every angle off we went to ride the ducks! We saw a lot of historical sites i…