Saturday, July 12, 2014

Great Alaska Adventure: Day Three

June 12th 2014

Living on an island is awesome but you are at the mercy of the ferries. We got up early to catch the ferry and make it to the Amtrak Train station where we were taking a bus to Vancouver. It was hard to leave the beauty of Seattle but we were ready for the next leg of our journey. Plus Joe was getting ready to head to Italy for a language immersion class.

The bus was very comfortable and we had plenty of room to take in the sights and perhaps even take a nap. :)

We had an interesting stop at the border. Those Canadians are totally serious about their borders. So they took out bags off the bus and scanned them with a wand (I think) I couldn't really see how they did it. Then we all got off with our carry ons and went through security. We passed with flying colors but three people on the bus were sent back for questioning. We ended up waiting for over an hour. One woman returned fairly quickly but it was a long time before one of the men did and the second man was kept at the border and we proceeded without him.
Vancouver is a lovely city but we were just spending one evening there. We met up with more of Cresia's friends and took a whirl wind tour of the area.
 We had a lovely meal with them and also checked out the area. So much beauty.

We also stopped at Prospect Point.

Another selfie of course!
We got our first look at some totem poles.
Our hotel was just a short distance from the police station in downtown Vancouver. The room was super cute and nice but it was very small. We shared a room since we were only there one night and it was a little snug.
The next morning we ate breakfast at the WhiteSpot.
Then it was time to pack up, catch a cab (which took a while because we needed a van one with all of our luggage.)
There were so many lines to stand in just to get on the ship. We had a luggage line, a line to check our tickets for the cruise, a line to check our IDs, a security line and it seems like there was another line too but we made it. Right before you get on the ship they have a line you stand in to get your picture taken! Crazy!

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