Monday, July 7, 2014

Great Alaska Adventure: Day Two (Part Two)

June 11, 2014 (afternoon)

So I need to finish up blogging Day Two of the great Alaska Adventure. What a day it was. We headed over to the Space Needle part of town and Barb suggested we check out Chihuly Garden and Glass. All of the pieces were so beautiful and big and colorful!

Some of the displays were outside just like a real garden!
Some rooms were dark and the glass pieces were showcased by lighting. They seemed to dance in the room, vibrant with color and beauty.
Some absolutely huge pieces were suspended from the ceiling, Some of these were inside. This one is in a room like a solarium with a glass ceiling!
A day in Seattle wouldn't be complete without a visit to the Space Needle. The day was so clear and beautiful we could see everything, which is a rare occurrence.
It was a breathtaking view even though I'm afraid of heights. Flat Freddy got in on the fun too!
After seeing Seattle from every angle off we went to ride the ducks!
We saw a lot of historical sites in Seattle from the Duck. We heard about underground Seattle which would have been interesting to go down into but alas maybe next time!
We weren't really sure about these.
By the way, pot is legal in Washington
Then it was back on the ferry heading to Vashon Island for a light dinner and a visit with Aunt Betty.
The day was exhausting but so full. We felt totally like tourists and we crammed three days worth of events into one!
On Day Three we head into Canada via the Amtrak Bus. We passed the border with flying colors, which can't be said of everyone on our bus!

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