Monday, July 21, 2014

The Great Alaska Adventure: Day Five

June 14, 2014
We had a little trouble sleeping last night because as the ship cruised along we were afraid we would miss some awesome views. Our time is all messed up and the extra hours of sunlight really aren't helping. We woke up fairly early because it was light outside and headed down for breakfast.
Yesterday when we got on the ship the elevator floor said Friday and we were like "surely they aren't going to change the floor sign every day." Well it's Saturday and as you can see, yes, yes they do change it everyday. By the end of the cruise we were glad because we kept forgetting what day it was!
Today we cruised all day. We spent a lot of time on the balcony just watching the shoreline and also in the solarium. In the solarium we kept seeing what we thought were baby Orcas. They were black and white and swimming in groups. I said, 'there can't be THAT many baby whales."  Well later we were to find out that they are a kind of porpoise called a dall porpoise. They look like orcas don't they?
The day actually went by super fast but we are kind of tired from our whirlwind trip so far. We have been busy every day, seeing so many things. We spent a little time looking around the ship. The Radiance of the Sea is pretty big and they squeeze a lot of things into every nook and corner. We wanted to check out the casino.
Dale and Cresia liked the quarter machine where you drop in a quarter and it keeps pushing coins to the drop off point.
I liked the slots and won a bit and lost a bit but had a good time.
We are always interested in dinner because they have so many different kinds of things that we have never tried before. It's formal dinner night!
Cresia had banana rum soup, baked chicken with potatoes and lemon meringue dessert. I can't remember what I ate this night! I have it written down if I find it...I'll come back and revise the post to include it!
Strawberry Cheese Cake dessert for Dale!
We decided to go to the Schooner which is a piano bar. The piano player was "ok". He just wasn't playing too many songs that we knew. We had several yummy drinks. The drink of the day was a Strawberry Mojito so Dale and I started with those. Barb had a Mudslide and Cresia had a Bloody Mary.
We had more drinks...
And more drinks....
I was trying to help the piano bar guy out but I guess Dale and Barb weren't impressed. LOL
Dale was getting tired so he headed back to the room and we headed to the disco. Honestly this was the only night Dale bailed out on us. Usually he likes to go to bed early but on this trip I guess he didn't want to miss anything. But before he left we took a selfie by the disco window along with some of the crew.
Barb was definitely the dancing queen. She danced with just about everyone there!
They announced my retirement and then the guy came out to dance with me.

We ended the night with...guess what.....a selfie.

We were hot and exhausted from all that dancing. We know we are going to be aching tomorrow!!  Then we found a statute of Barb's we snapped one last shot!

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