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I Shall Find You

I Shall Find You Words said, left unsaid. Time passes, Sharp pain fades, love remains. Then I shall find you. I shall find you in the dawn, sun streaked sky Bright, brave new beginnings In the first flowers of spring, colors of beauty. Reaching upward, secure in the warmth of the sun I shall find you in the books I read. Word and deed, small phrases that catch, Untangle memories of conversations. Characters, strong, yet strangely gentle. I shall find you in the rain. Soft, sweet nourishment of earth Blustery, howling winds of winter Whispering, cooling breeze of summer. I shall find you in the birds, soaring Not caged, daring, brave and free. Anticipating breath taking escapades Adventures, real and imagined. I shall find you in a snuggly pup Warm, soft, trusting Unconditional love Comfort I shall find you in the music I play. My heart will dance, delighted. Reminded that wherever you may be, The dance goes on. I shall find you in the dusk of evening, Day fades into night Earth cloa…

Wednesdays, Kitchens and Retirement

So I thought I should blog the next day of the Great Alaska Adventure IF I'm ever going to get it done but just not in the "mood".  I've actually accomplished some things the last two days.  I seriously don't know where the day goes as it zips by in the blink of an eye. Sure didn't used to do that when I was working!  Today the "focus" was on the kitchen and while I did work on it I also watched some TV. Hey I'm retired! I can't be busy constantly!   I am getting the pantry organized and things back in place so it will come together sooner or later!

We always go pick Evan up after school which means that we need to head out about 2:15. That in itself makes the day seem short! I figure if I can't get something accomplished before then it's a wash and I'll just try again tomorrow. I can't believe he is already in second grade! After he gets home and has his snack we work on homework and then I head to the gym with Cresia.

I f…