Friday, August 22, 2014

I Shall Find You

I Shall Find You
Words said, left unsaid.
Time passes,
Sharp pain fades, love remains.
Then I shall find you.
I shall find you in the dawn, sun streaked sky
Bright, brave new beginnings
In the first flowers of spring, colors of beauty.
Reaching upward, secure in the warmth of the sun
I shall find you in the books I read.
Word and deed, small phrases that catch,
Untangle memories of conversations.
Characters, strong, yet strangely gentle.
I shall find you in the rain.
Soft, sweet nourishment of earth
Blustery, howling winds of winter
Whispering, cooling breeze of summer.
I shall find you in the birds, soaring
Not caged, daring, brave and free.
Anticipating breath taking escapades
Adventures, real and imagined.
I shall find you in a snuggly pup
Warm, soft, trusting
Unconditional love
I shall find you in the music I play.
My heart will dance, delighted.
Reminded that wherever you may be,
The dance goes on.
I shall find you in the dusk of evening,
Day fades into night
Earth cloaked in darkness,
Still and waiting.
And I shall find you in eternity
Our souls will sing
The circle complete.
(G. Schenck)
(Dedicated to my dear friend Barb, when your pain eases may you "find" your mom in unexpected places and may you feel her gentle touch always.)

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