Friday, October 31, 2014

Thoughts on Halloween

It's Halloween! Time for the macabre, the silly, and the downright frightful.  I wanted to start out my Halloween sharing some personal memories and thoughts with you.

I was thinking just the other day about the year my father decided we were too old to trick or treat.  I sat by a dark window looking out into the Halloween night and felt something slip away. The magic? the fun? a chance for some candy, the passing of a childhood?  I'm not sure what it was but I can remember plainly when my brother Larry reminded me earlier in the evening that dad said we can't go trick or treating this year. He didn't do it to be mean, I think he thought he was keeping us out of trouble as there was always a lot of pranking and destruction on Halloween.

Fast forward quite a few years to when my oldest son was getting at that age where some people frown on them participating in Halloween. I had decided that I would not tell my children when they had to stop but let them hold on to this beloved tradition as long as they wanted to.  Since Kelsey was still pretty young at least he could don a costume and take her. I clearly remember hearing through the grapevine of someone's remark about older trick or treaters. It was someone in our neighborhood so I'm not sure if it was directed at my child or not. It still stung.

I wonder how many times in our life others try to make us feel small? Question our decisions over things that are rather mundane. Who cares if an older child goes trick or treating?  I certainly don't. If they are behaving themselves and enjoying the evening then who does it harm?  Stop judging others decisions because no one has a book of "right or wrong."  They just have their own opinions which are most times flawed.

Well that's it for the trip down memory lane...let's move into present day.

Who remembers these?  They used to be really popular and then faded from the shelves for some time. I'm not sure if they didn't produce them or our area just didn't carry them.  I hate "marketing ploys" but the whole seasonal concept where some things are only available at certain times of the year certainly makes people appreciate them all the more. Can any one say "pumpkin spice latte" without thinking Starbucks?
So you know how people are always saying surround yourself with things you love. Well, I'm not sure I LOVE all the little things in this display but I decided to use this little display shelf in my bedroom to "brighten up" my morning by making it cute and changing it often. This is the display for Halloween. It's been up all month but will change tomorrow on November 1st. Sometimes we forget to put things in our life that make us smile. Even small little things!
I shared this little cup over on Facebook at the first of the month. Again, it's something to make me smile!  I love using seasonal mugs for my coffee or tea. They just add a little something special to my day!
This post went from bittersweet memories with just a twinge of sadness to fun little Halloween traditions. I was sitting here wondering..."where are you going with this?".  I think I wanted to remind myself that doing fun little things is what makes life sweet. Sure things happen that make us a bit wistful and sad but in the end we choose our path. If you wish you had some "fun" in your life then make it happen. There's nothing wrong with doing fun little things that make you smile. Don't wait for someone else to do it for deserve it!



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