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Word for 2015

It's time to start thinking about a word for 2015. I'm afraid I was so busying living my 2014 word (celebrate) that I didn't really write about it.

I'm trying to consider a 2015 word. My life is here, there, and everywhere so I'm not sure where my word might point me for 2015. What is exactly that I hope to do in 2015. Is there a direction I want to head? Is there something I want to "bring" into my life?

Handmade Photo Ornaments

Some of my most favorite ornaments are the handmade photo ornaments....and these aren't the fancy plastic or foam ones...just the construction paper and glitter....

Here's one of Justin when he was little....gotta love the glittery globs.... :)

I'm sure we made this one of Katie the same year! glitter....this one is good old felt!

This ones of Evan as a toddler. Katie doesn't like it because he's cranky and his shirt is an absolute mess...they must have taken pictures after snack or lunch....but I put it on the tree anyway!!!

So here's another least he is not drooling in this one!! They are messy, they are faded but they bring back sweet memories!

Look What I Found

I'm so excited about my shopping trip to Target yesterday. I'm only going to share a few of the things I picked up because I don't want to give away any surprises!

First of all I sure am hoping Evan isn't reading Ginger's Journey because I just had to share this Lego Advent Calendar I picked up. He is really into Legos right now so I just couldn't resist.

The box has a little cardboard mat that folds down to make the "ground" and then there are of course 24 little doors with a Lego character, present, etc inside it (to be put together) I can't let him see it yet or he will be driving me crazy between now and December 1st! These are two top hats I picked up for something we are going to do this year (shhhh it's a secret) I actually have two hats I picked up there last year at Target which are a little cuter but I need FOUR hats so I went ahead and grabbed two more. I am feeling so prepared! Some holiday glasses (again for a little project) I…

Creepy Carnival (Freak Show) Halloween Party 2014

So of course with American Horror Story being based on a freak show, Halloween 2014 seemed like the perfect time to do a Carnival themed Halloween party.

Cresia was the bearded lady and I was a born with a pig nose. There were actually quite a few bearded ladies!  Bearded Lady and Lizard Boy.  Bearded Lady minus her glasses Chelsea and Kelsey the two headed lady. More two headed lady fun! The half man/half woman joined us for some fun photos! Then we had the tattooed lady.... and                                    The "deadly trio".....could it be Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves?

Needless to say....We had a lot of fun! And who wouldn't because we had a duck pond.....with....

Duck Farts....those are "deadly"! Well that's it for this week's post...see you next Friday here at Ginger's Journey for more thoughts about just about anything...