Creepy Carnival (Freak Show) Halloween Party 2014

So of course with American Horror Story being based on a freak show, Halloween 2014 seemed like the perfect time to do a Carnival themed Halloween party.

Cresia was the bearded lady and I was a born with a pig nose.
There were actually quite a few bearded ladies! 
Bearded Lady and Lizard Boy.
 Bearded Lady minus her glasses
Chelsea and Kelsey the two headed lady.
More two headed lady fun!
The half man/half woman joined us for some fun photos! Then we had the tattooed lady....
                                   The "deadly trio".....could it be Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves?

Needless to say....We had a lot of fun! And who wouldn't because we had a duck pond.....with....

Duck Farts....those are "deadly"!
Well that's it for this week's post...see you next Friday here at Ginger's Journey for more thoughts about just about anything...


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