Friday, November 28, 2014

Word for 2015

It's time to start thinking about a word for 2015. I'm afraid I was so busying living my 2014 word (celebrate) that I didn't really write about it.

I'm trying to consider a 2015 word. My life is here, there, and everywhere so I'm not sure where my word might point me for 2015. What is exactly that I hope to do in 2015. Is there a direction I want to head? Is there something I want to "bring" into my life?
One little word is a concept of Ali Edwards and one year I even took her One Little Word class, unfortunately I didn't graduate. I fell behind on the book of my little word for that year. She has some great ideas though for living your word so you might want to check into that.  I still have the album and I have been thinking about creating two page section for each of my words I have had over the past few years. A nice way to document my journey and also use up that album!
I absolutely LOVE looking at people's words and how they highlight them throughout the year!
Nudge....I do like this one...could it be my 2015?
Another good one....
Words are so powerful.
Love this journal page.
This page with the little boxes is one like the page I actually DID the year I took the class!
Oh I do like this word.
Hmmmm......see what I mean....picking a good word is hard to do!  I'll let you know which one I choose. For words I've used other years check the side bar of the blog as I have them listed there!

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