Friday, January 9, 2015

Five Things Friday: Five Things I Love

It's time for a Five Things Friday post (haven't done one in ages) so I thought I'd post about five things I love....

1. Casserole Crockpot....I haven't tried this out yet. I didn't find out about this new shape and depth of crockpot until after Christmas (of course) so I couldn't put it on my gift list. Never fear!  I used my Savings Catcher bucks to get it for FREE. (It's still at the store awaiting pickup...just been to cold to get up there!)

Warren County Health Department Fitness Center's photo.
2. Exercise Classes: The Warren County Health Department just put out their list of classes for 2015. They also have Open Gym hours. Such a great idea!!
Jan. 8- Prompt- "My Gear"....I write, I art journal, I plan, I doodle, I create.... my gear is a little different than typical gear..... #CY365

3. Capture Your 365 (yeah it's a challenge alright) I love this representation of "my gear."

Soul Musings's photo.
4. Soul Care 2015 is an event I'm hosting this year. I love being reminded daily of all the wonderful blessings I have received. You can join if you want... Soul Care 2015.
5. "Skinny Websites"

bbq chicken sandwich
And I love that they calculate the Weight Watchers Plus Points too!!
That's it for this to make some Skinny Blacken Tilapia for dinner!

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