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Subbing, New Orleans, and Bennett Springs

I haven't been adhering to my self imposed blogging schedule....for several reasons. One, sometimes I lose my voice, I have writer's block and I think perhaps that I've ran out of things to say. This doesn't usually last long!! Second, sometimes time is filled with living can't blog about life if one is never LIVING it. Life is always about choices and sometime quite frankly my choice is to do something other than write! 

I've been doing a little subbing lately and this has required me to rearrange my schedule a bit. The first day I subbed I came home exhausted and wasn't really sure how all of this would work out. I am honestly quite lucky that I don't HAVE to have that extra money to survive...therefore my subbing funds are clearly at my discretion! Mad Money so to speak! As long as I manage my schedule and don't overbook then things seem to go fine!  I'm funding my trip to New Orleans with my sub money!

Yes I'm heading to N…

February Full Moon

Did you see the beautiful full moon on the evening of February 3rd? I almost missed it as when it's cold out, I'm usually boarded up inside before the moon rises! I happened to be out and about and the reddish tint of the full moon low in the evening sky was breath taking.

The February full moon is the Snow Moon as February traditionally is a month of heavy snows.  Sometimes this moon is called the Hunger Moon because by this point in the winter food supplies are running low and hunting in the bitter weather is problematic.
The full moon of February is full of promise. It's time to stretch your imagination and to not only dream your dreams but to put them into play. The energy of the Snow Moon let's you let your talents shine! This moon is ripe for creation!
This moon is full of positive energy and it's time to celebrate!  Step into the light and let's yourself shine with all that is uniquely yours!
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