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March Madness

Image thought this was going to be a post about basketball didn't you?  I thought I'd take a quick moment to post a little about some of our March adventures. We are headed to Lego Kidsfest this afternoon. Evan is very excited about this adventure. Me?  Well I will reserve my opinion until I have been enclosed with thousands of kids celebrating their love of Legos for 4 1/2 hours!

In the meantime....

I'm relaxing for a minute with my Raspberry Chocolate Truffle coffee in my Café Du Monde mug from the New Orleans trip. Great trip....really want to go back to New Orleans again....we barely even scratched the surface of all the fun things to do there!

In actuality we just got back late yesterday afternoon....from The Nut House...(our place at Bennett Springs (so aptly named by the way)

While we were there we spent a day in Branson enjoying Ripley's Believe it or Not and The Titanic Museum. The fishing was ok (meaning they caught a few) but the weather turned cold an…

Hello March

Ok, Ok...I know we are a few days into March...but I mean...who knew! The weather feels like deep winter not just a few days shy if the first day of spring!  I'm pretty excited to be heading to New Orleans next week even though the weather forecast is rainy! Boo rain but the temps do look to be close to 70! A few years ago I got into the habit of setting monthly goals in seven-eight areas of my life and each month I'd write them down, stick them in my binder and "hope for the best." in accomplishing them. Sometimes the month went smoothly and things seemed to move in the direction I intended and some months....well...let's just say....NOT as planned.   It's a habit I'd like to get back to this month because at least it made me THINK about what I want to accomplish. The areas I used to write goals for included: Self Marriage Family Friends Spiritual Home Hobbies Work Since I'm retired I'm going to change it a bit..... Self Marriage Family Friends Spi…