Monday, March 14, 2016

China Lite (Shanghai)

Thursday March 12th was our first full day in Shanghai and it was a whirlwind of activity. We headed to Starbucks first for a taste of home plus a little China twist.  We had coffee and Red Bean Scones plus cheesy bread. Yum!

First stop, the wet market to see China's fresh foods and get a behind the scenes look at shopping in Shanghai.

All types of seasonings were on displayed, along with some dried fish and tiny shrimp.

The meat was openly displayed and evidently chicken feet, pigs feet, and chickens with their heads still on are all the rage!

 Dozens of kinds of rice which is weird because we were served very little rice while in China. 
It is considered a filler food and bad manners to serve it first as you should serve the "good" dishes first. 

All manner and types of vegetables, some familiar and some not so much.

Next off to a yummy lunch with drinks at Gingers by the Park. Kelsey had some yummy soup. We sat outside of the balcony as it was a lovely warm day. We had drinks with lunch and ended with dessert and tea/coffee.

Next on the agenda......Jing An Temple in Shanghai.....

This is the tower where you toss your coin up to make a wish...the higher your coin lands on the tower the closer it is to heaven and the more likely it is to come true.

We bought some incense to light and send our wishes to heaven....

 You place it on the alter...I call it an alter....I'm not sure what they call it.

This was a lovely temple with many rooms containing statues and kneeling places for meditation and prayer. We walked around for awhile and then headed to Yu Garden, another famous place in Shanghai.

Yu Garden nestled in the busy city of Shanghai is a place of beauty and quiet reflection. I loved the little trees, fish and rocks.

After Yu Garden we walked through a city market street. It was bustling with people, filled with the aromas of street vendors and colorful lanterns. We bought a lemon custard tart and also an onion pancake, both were yummy.

Street view and onion pancake

 Next up....we planned to walk along the bund while it was lite up at night but alas we ended up enjoying the view while having drinks and relaxing at a bar on the top of the Hyatt....appropriately called The Vue. So much fun and the view was breath taking,

This is an actual photo Kelsey took. It was a feast for the eyes and I kept looking and looking hardly believing it was real.

We had drinks with ice cube lights in them, so yummy and pretty too. 

Best of all the comfy patio sofa to lounge on while enjoying it all. A nice rest for our sore feet. We sat with our feet in the hot tub for a bit too and met a new friend, a young flight attendant from Swiss Air.

                                                               What a fun fun evening!

                                   That beautiful view was the best ending to a wonderful day!

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Thursday March 12th was our first full day in Shanghai and it was a whirlwind of activity. We headed to Starbucks first for a taste of home ...