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July Minds Full: Top Five

As this is posting I'm on vacation, traveling the west in RV style!  I hope this finds all of you well and enjoying your summer. I used to live my life only in the summer months. Something I think people in education tend to do....but life is so much more! But my mind is full so it's time to give you a brief glimpse into what I've been thinking about.

1. Durango Colorado: Visiting a little of the west and starting at Durango.

2. Writing/Blogging: Is it an art? Is it a calling? Is it a curse?  What starts as an enjoyable adventure can at times become overwhelming and start to feel like a REAL JOB.

3. Blog Planner: If you have been reading any of my blogs you have discovered how I LOVE planners. A couple years ago I religiously kept a blog planner and then as so often happens, life just got too busy and I fell away from a great practice and a wonderful way to organize my thoughts....But I'm starting it again this month!

4. Gardens, Goodies, and Healthy Eating: Can I ask…