Wednesday, July 6, 2016

July Minds Full: Top Five

As this is posting I'm on vacation, traveling the west in RV style!  I hope this finds all of you well and enjoying your summer. I used to live my life only in the summer months. Something I think people in education tend to do....but life is so much more! But my mind is full so it's time to give you a brief glimpse into what I've been thinking about.

1. Durango Colorado: Visiting a little of the west and starting at Durango.

2. Writing/Blogging: Is it an art? Is it a calling? Is it a curse?  What starts as an enjoyable adventure can at times become overwhelming and start to feel like a REAL JOB.

3. Blog Planner: If you have been reading any of my blogs you have discovered how I LOVE planners. A couple years ago I religiously kept a blog planner and then as so often happens, life just got too busy and I fell away from a great practice and a wonderful way to organize my thoughts....But I'm starting it again this month!

4. Gardens, Goodies, and Healthy Eating: Can I asked you....why do I not have a green thumb?  I love fresh veggies but growing them is just not in my realm of expertise. I start out fine with good plants, rich soil and the intention of being a real gardener and in the end my green thumb does not produce. Thank goodness for gardening friends, farmers markets and Fresh Thyme in O'Fallon Missouri.

5. Living in joy. This is something I have written about many times before and something that I think always deserves a quick reminder. Live in joy, seek good, be the light in the darkness, connect with others that also bring light into your life. We have no way of knowing the time we have, you can waste it or you can live fully.

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