Saturday, January 21, 2017

Blank Slates: Writing the Story of Life

I usually muse about this much earlier in January and alas I did but I'm just now getting around to blogging it. Every year I am presented with the awesome reset of a new year, a blank slate in which we all have opportunities to paint the canvas of our year. Some of us start with grand resolutions that usually fade by the end of January, some of us start with One Little Word to live for the year, some of us just slip into the new year without a lot of forethought.

This year I picked Fearless for my One Little Word. It's not necessarily a word of power but rather one of confidence and resolve. In life, at times, we let our own uncertainties keep us from doing things we would really like to do, whether it's finish that novel, travel through Europe, or start a new degree.  Being fearless is not the same thing as being foolish, care and consideration are always a wise combination but it is the starting point for jumping out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary.

I think the true lesson to learn in 2017 is that what we focus on is what we bring into being. So if we focus on the negatives in our lives those things will grow in stature. However if we focus on the positives and the direction we want to head then the energy of our thoughts will bring those things into being.

I'd love to hear about your blank slate, your one little word, or what you plan to write in the story of your life in 2017.

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