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February, Creativity, and Looking Ahead

One month of 2017 has evaporated into thin air, only a memory. February is here and it feels a little like winter again but that's not stopping me from dreaming and scheming!  Basically took me the full week to even feel like I had energy again so please beware of the killer virus if you encounter it!
I thought I'd take a minute today to show you my little planners I'm using in two areas of my life for 2017.  I picked them up at Michaels and with a coupon they cost basically ten bucks each.  They are so cute. The inserts in the yellow one are actually a mini Happy Planner that I am using inside the adorable yellow binder. The yellow makes me smile and reminds me that warmer days are ahead!

The blue one is a mini faith journal for 2017. The last two years I used a larger version (The classic Happy Planner) but I decided to mix it up a bit this year. For January I followed a scripture reading plan called Pure Joy.

The yellow one is my planner that I carry with me but hon…