Monday, April 24, 2017

Procrastination Monday

So I am supposed to be writing...right now...right this very minute...creating Chapter 13 of The Birthing Tree.....but at ten I decided I needed to check Facebook before starting my 1000 words for today! Then I was like...Ginger's Journey....why don't you pop in there and post a little something before you get started on the new here I am procrastinating...

Never fear I am writing until 11:30 so those 1000 words better flow today!  I think they will. This Chapter is about the Evil Minded One and how he roared in frustration when he lost the soul of a child named Ester, who didn't listen to her mother and played the ultimate price. When you venture out into the dark you'd better be prepared for what you meet, because in the dark there is both good and evil but the one that was birthed in the darkness is always more at home in the night.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Recipe Creativity

I wanted to share with you today my creative recipe planner/book that I am creating. It's by MAMBI Create 365 which also makes the Happy Planner.

They had an earlier edition which I believe is red but this is the one I have, I tried to resist it, I really did. I don't "need" it but the saying on the front "hooked" me.

The pages look like this except blank of course. On this one I've added a recipe and stickers.
The thing I like about Happy Planner discs bound items is that you can always add different pages so if you wanted to add seasonal menu plans or other items you have the ability to do so. There are a variety of sections: Family Favorites, Main Dishes, Crockpot etc.

The dividers are super cute!  I'll share a few....

Looking at the pictures makes me HUNGRY.....

I like this one because....nothing I create ever seems very fancy...I am probably the Queen of Pinterest Fails!

The MAMBI recipe book can be picked up at your local Michaels....but whatever you do....Don't forget to use your coupon to get it. These would be awesome to buy if you have small children and fill them in during the years to give as a present when they head off to college or get married.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Five Things I Created

It's time for a Five Things Friday post so I thought today I'd share five things I created.

1. Cauliflower Crust Pizza. It was good but the crust was not as firm and crisp as I would like but definitely low carb.

2. Bible Art Page: Took me a long time to get into Bible journaling because it seemed "wrong" to write in a Bible, let alone paint, but the creative expression of verses does a lot to grow them in your heart!

3. Planner Page:  This is one mini planner I use. Don't ask how many planners I have. It's an obsession.

4. Snow Writing  This was in January at Squak Mountain Park in Washington. (state)

5. Gum Wall (Seattle)  Obviously I didn't create the WHOLE gum wall but I added a piece. This alley reminded me of Diagon Alley in Harry Potter.

Thanks for allowing me to share my Five Things Friday with you!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

A Good Day

Kelsey was home for a few days at Easter so we headed out on Monday for a few stops and to enjoy the beautiful weather. Our first stop....OakGlenn.

OakGlenn Winery has a stunning view. Being a Monday we practically had the place to ourselves. I love their blackberry wine was yummy. This winery has cheese, sausage and regular "winery" snacks but no restaurant. We spent time enjoying the view and laughing at people NOT following directions....such as....

Then we headed into town for lunch at the Tin Mill Restaurant. Christy and Kelsey had a brew there but Katie and I stuck with water! Afterwards we walked across the street to the Hermann Winery where we browsed while Kelsey sampled some more wine! Taking a little break we enjoyed the seating outside in back of the tasting room.

Last but not least we took a run out to the Adam Puchta Winery for another round of wine tasting. By this point we were almost "wined out" but who can resist a wine slushie!

So blessed to have had such a beautiful day for our "girls fun day". We need more of these times to relax and laugh and share family stories!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Little Treasures

I just wanted to share my LOVE of planners and journals!  Oh me oh my....these are just a few of my wonderful collection.

The planner to the right is a fitness planner by Me and My Big Ideas called a Happy Planner. It has sections for tracking food, water and exercise, as well as, setting goals. I have a love hate relationship with the fitness planner and you can probably guess why.

The planner of the left is a mini happy planner for 2017. This is the perfect size to slip in your purse. I actually have another one of these....I know I'm obsessive! I punched half of the year to put in a Recollections planner and then decided I liked the disc bound better. I'll just re-date it another time for another use...I'm sure I'll find one!

The planner in the center is my home planner and as the name implies it stays here at home on my desk. It includes weekly menus, appointments, chores, and all manner of reminders to keep me on track.

On the back left corner under my Bible is my Faith planner. I use it for Bible study, scripture reflect, prayer requests, and other uplifting notes that facilitate my spiritual growth.

Now see those four tiny books to the left of the lamp?  They have faux leather covers and they are super tiny and super cute. I simply could resist them when I found them at Earth Bound in Seattle....they were on clearance for 1.25 each!  They have blank pages with the most incredible paper ever!  I can't wait to use them....hmmmm.,....once I decide how I will!

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