Thursday, April 20, 2017

A Good Day

Kelsey was home for a few days at Easter so we headed out on Monday for a few stops and to enjoy the beautiful weather. Our first stop....OakGlenn.

OakGlenn Winery has a stunning view. Being a Monday we practically had the place to ourselves. I love their blackberry wine was yummy. This winery has cheese, sausage and regular "winery" snacks but no restaurant. We spent time enjoying the view and laughing at people NOT following directions....such as....

Then we headed into town for lunch at the Tin Mill Restaurant. Christy and Kelsey had a brew there but Katie and I stuck with water! Afterwards we walked across the street to the Hermann Winery where we browsed while Kelsey sampled some more wine! Taking a little break we enjoyed the seating outside in back of the tasting room.

Last but not least we took a run out to the Adam Puchta Winery for another round of wine tasting. By this point we were almost "wined out" but who can resist a wine slushie!

So blessed to have had such a beautiful day for our "girls fun day". We need more of these times to relax and laugh and share family stories!


Meghan said...

There are lots of haunted winery tours here...come visit Aunt Ging!

Meghan said...

We have lots of haunted winery tours here...come visit aunt Ging!!

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