Sunday, April 2, 2017

Little Treasures

I just wanted to share my LOVE of planners and journals!  Oh me oh my....these are just a few of my wonderful collection.

The planner to the right is a fitness planner by Me and My Big Ideas called a Happy Planner. It has sections for tracking food, water and exercise, as well as, setting goals. I have a love hate relationship with the fitness planner and you can probably guess why.

The planner of the left is a mini happy planner for 2017. This is the perfect size to slip in your purse. I actually have another one of these....I know I'm obsessive! I punched half of the year to put in a Recollections planner and then decided I liked the disc bound better. I'll just re-date it another time for another use...I'm sure I'll find one!

The planner in the center is my home planner and as the name implies it stays here at home on my desk. It includes weekly menus, appointments, chores, and all manner of reminders to keep me on track.

On the back left corner under my Bible is my Faith planner. I use it for Bible study, scripture reflect, prayer requests, and other uplifting notes that facilitate my spiritual growth.

Now see those four tiny books to the left of the lamp?  They have faux leather covers and they are super tiny and super cute. I simply could resist them when I found them at Earth Bound in Seattle....they were on clearance for 1.25 each!  They have blank pages with the most incredible paper ever!  I can't wait to use them....hmmmm.,....once I decide how I will!

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