Monday, April 24, 2017

Procrastination Monday

So I am supposed to be writing...right now...right this very minute...creating Chapter 13 of The Birthing Tree.....but at ten I decided I needed to check Facebook before starting my 1000 words for today! Then I was like...Ginger's Journey....why don't you pop in there and post a little something before you get started on the new here I am procrastinating...

Never fear I am writing until 11:30 so those 1000 words better flow today!  I think they will. This Chapter is about the Evil Minded One and how he roared in frustration when he lost the soul of a child named Ester, who didn't listen to her mother and played the ultimate price. When you venture out into the dark you'd better be prepared for what you meet, because in the dark there is both good and evil but the one that was birthed in the darkness is always more at home in the night.

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