Sunday, April 23, 2017

Recipe Creativity

I wanted to share with you today my creative recipe planner/book that I am creating. It's by MAMBI Create 365 which also makes the Happy Planner.

They had an earlier edition which I believe is red but this is the one I have, I tried to resist it, I really did. I don't "need" it but the saying on the front "hooked" me.

The pages look like this except blank of course. On this one I've added a recipe and stickers.
The thing I like about Happy Planner discs bound items is that you can always add different pages so if you wanted to add seasonal menu plans or other items you have the ability to do so. There are a variety of sections: Family Favorites, Main Dishes, Crockpot etc.

The dividers are super cute!  I'll share a few....

Looking at the pictures makes me HUNGRY.....

I like this one because....nothing I create ever seems very fancy...I am probably the Queen of Pinterest Fails!

The MAMBI recipe book can be picked up at your local Michaels....but whatever you do....Don't forget to use your coupon to get it. These would be awesome to buy if you have small children and fill them in during the years to give as a present when they head off to college or get married.

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Meghan said...

I love this Ging! I may have to do it to put all my favorite recipes in one place..I have a million cook books but only have a few recipes out of each.

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