Friday, May 5, 2017

Five Things Friday: Invitations

It's Five Things Friday and here are five invitations from me to you....

1. I invite you to read and comment (if you so desire) on my blog and/or Facebook page: Turn the Page. 

Turn the Page Blog

Turn the Page Facebook

I'm about half way finished with The Birthing Tree and I've posted a first chapter of Casting Shadows. It's a tentative project cause I'm not sure yet whether to pursue the storyline or not.

2.  I invite you to contact me via messenger, comment here or by posting on Facebook if you are interested in forming an online writers group where we share and discuss writing.

3. I invite you to join me in Soul Inspiring Things... here.... May Soul Care  You don't have to use my choose your own!  May is already slipping by but I might try a June one if you're interested, jump right in!

4.  I invite you to ask the fire dragons to protect you, to talk to the faeries, to use essential oils for emotional healing, to learn about your chakras, your power stone or spirit animal, create a faith art journal or make SoulCollage cards, anything. This is not meant to be reflective of your spiritual beliefs....but to instead make you seek out those things that connect you to your imagination, your spiritual self, to focus your energy on anything other than the negativity that often invades our lives.

5. I invite you to plan a summer adventure....great or small...Always have something in the works to look forward to, to give you something pleasant to think about when your day is not so pleasant. Find your tribe, be it family or friends or a combination. Look for ways to schedule time in your life with people that uplift you and make you feel more not less.

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