Monday, January 29, 2018

Rocks, Roots, and Road Signs

We headed down to Klondike Park for our first hike of 2018. The beautiful weather called us to a little adventure and even though it was a muddy one we still enjoyed the hike. First we hiked up a brutal hill.....well brutal since I'm out of shape and well....older...This took us to a high point that overlooked the river. Then we headed down a more "natural" trail called....

This trail was a took us on a zig zag path through the wood. We walked along the ridge for a bit which offered a beautiful view of the river. There were massive stones nestled in the fallen leaves. There were plenty of rocks and roots along the trail so one did have to be somewhat careful with their footing.

It's always fun to climb on top of a giant bolder and stand among the trees. It makes you feel like you are on top of the world!

We were amazed that sections of the trail were so muddy. There was a bit of slipping and sliding but we used some tree branches as walking sticks and this helped a little. We even came upon a stream still frozen with huge chunks of ice which reminded us that despite the warm beautiful day its still January.

Of course, as always I'm always looking for fairy dwellings and we came upon several fallen trees and huge rock formations that I am sure serve as dwellings or grand ballrooms for when the fairies dance in the light of the full moon. After we had been discussing fairies for a bit we happened upon this....

A root fairy ring....right in our path. I like to imagine that the fairies heard us chattering and laughing about them and sprinkled some fairy dust upon the path to reveal their fairy ring. Can't you just envision them dancing along the edge of this and sparkling in the moonlight.

This wasn't a state park so I still need to get to work on my 60 Dragon Years list and hike in 60 state parks but it was a lovely day none the less.

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