Bucket List

Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Bucket List

You know the idea....create a list of things you'd like to do before you die. Inspired by Kelsey's Bucket List I decided to create one of my own...this list will be evolving and every changing...some things will get marked off and some things will be added...

(In process) 1. Write a book of poetry

_____2. Finish a scrap book (lol)

_____3. Spend a whole summer at the beach

_____4. Do a Retro RoadTrip

_____5. Get a dragonfly tattoo

_____6. Create a deck of Inspire Cards

_____7. Go to Mall of America

DONE Aug. 26, 2018__X__8. Write a novel

_____9. Learn to play the piano (or a keyboard)

_____10. Clean my basement!! LOL

DONE 11. Perform in a play

_____12. Visit New York

_____13. Learn Spanish

___X__14. Retire

___X__15. Go on cruise

DONE 16. Go the horse races

_____17. Clean my garage!

DONE 18. Draw my faery guide. (A dragonfly)

_____19. Do a private investigation for someone

_____20. Pay off all my bills...(hmmm)

DONE  21. Visit Mexico

_____22. Create a deck of Soul Collage cards

_____23. Identify my 7 Totem animals.

_____24. Celebrate Faery Day

_____25. Go on a solo road trip...just me and the open road!!

_____26. Create an oracle deck based on the haunted farm and life experiences.

_____27. Spend two or three months in Mexico

DONE 28. Get something published

_____29. Visit Boston

10/15/13  30. Spend night in haunted hotel

_____31. Attend a ghost conference

_____32. Go to a hooka bar

__X___33. Take a cruise to Alaska

DONE 34. Tour Haunted Hannibal

10/15/13   35. Take Lemp Mansion Haunted Tour

_____36. Tour Haunted St. Charles

_____37. Solve a mystery

DONE 38. Snorkle

_____39. Swim with dolphins

Friday, March 19, 2010

Number 16: Horse Races

We went to the horse races at Oaklawn while we were in Hot Springs Arkansas. There were ten races and I bet on first place winners twice!!! I almost won a third race but changed my mind at the last minute...NEVER do that!! LOL....It was a lot of fun and a very enjoyable day!!!


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Number 18 My Faery Guide
My deck of Faery Oracle cards comes with a blank card. You are suppose to wait until you meet your faery guide (or are inspired) and then you are to draw your personal faery guide on the card. Well That's a difficult task for one who is not artistic.

I knew for a bit that my personal faery guide was a dragonfly faerie. Lore has it that often faeries turn into dragonfly like creatures to avoid being seen by humans. There much lore about both dragonflies and faeries and they are frequently linked. The dragonfly is also a symbol of the soul and as such fits me to a tee....

I finally managed to get a dragonfly image on my card....it doesn't look like a faery...it looks like a dragonfly...but inside where the magic exists...it is a faery...my personal faery guide...!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Number 28...My Published Poem
Well I entered a poetry contest in a small regional newspaper and won first prize. I entered three poems but the winning one was Casting Shadows. One of my favorites....well who am I kidding....I love them all...they are all a part of me...soul musings...
The best part is the poem was published in the paper.....so now I can say I've been published..lol

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Number 21 Visit Mexico
So I'm excited to say that Number 21 is scheduled to happen this summer...June 26th I will travel with a group of friends to Cozumel and stay for a week....:)
I'm very excited about this little adventure and will post pictures upon my return!!


Saturday, August 29, 2009
So I have been gathering my poems to print and put in a binder...Now I never said I was going to PUBLISH a book of poetry....simply write one...and so I have started this item on my bucket list...

Number 1: Writing a Book of Poetry
One of the things are my list...number one to be exact....is to write a book of poetry. Well this morning I was musing about how I'm sure not accomplishing much on my bucket list as I was browsing through my many blogs. Suddenly it occured to me that most all of my blogs have some of my poems on them....if I simply copied and pasted them into a word document...I'd have a pretty good start on my book of poetry..


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Number 22: Hmmmm
Well, I'm not getting on to well ...marking things off my list. I did purchase the mat board for 15 SoulCollage cards so I hope to get started on those soon....
I'm going to have to add some additional items to my list....but what? Something to ponder another day I suppose!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wandering Through Life

Wander through life,
Reach into the crevices of a soul
To touch the essence of life

The mundane days
Slip by and
Capture the heart
Tease the mind

Quietness of everyday
Transforms breath
Gives birth to Adventure
Nourished with intrigue

Sprinkled with thrills
Seasoned with possiblities
Baked to perfection
By life

GBS (August 2009)


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