Life In the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane is my  page about my experiences and ideas about living a wonderful, comfortable, and meaningful life in the "slow lane". It's about appreciating simple pleasures and enjoying a peaceful life. It's about a growing awareness that more is not better. It's about knowing for certain that the good things in life aren't found in a store but rather are lived each and every day in our connections with others, with nature, and with ourselves

I May Be Old But I'm Not Dead (October 2010)

You know Life in the Slow Lane isn't about's about a conscious choice to stop being lured by the busy craziness of the world, of the things we think MUST be accomplished, of taking a hard look at the reality of the illusions of happiness that are thrust upon us by a society gone mad!

So I may be old...but I'm not dead....there's plenty of life to be lived in the slow lane! And what a life it is! Pictured above you see Evan and my birthday wasn't at a fancy hotel with a catered was simple....Friends and family and a fire in the firepit....with good food, good conversation, and even a place for a small red headed boy to be! No one worried about spilled food, or fancy dinnerware...but it was was LIFE....and it was REAL....

Being REAL is one thing I deeply believe in...and real can be different, based on the environement you find yourself in, the people you are with, and your frame of mind. Being real is about knowing who you are, what you value, and living the life you want to live....regardless of what society tells you is "the good life." Being real is about being who you are...not fake, not changing to meet others needs, but accepting you are...and celebrating that YOU!

So I might be old...but I'm not dead....and I'm not fake either....I am who I am...oh don't get me wrong...I'm far from perfect but at least with know what you're

Fairy Tales and the Fast Lane (August 2010)

What you say....Faery Tales....those seem to fit in the slow lane..childhood innocence and playful tales with happily ever after.

There's two problems with faery tales as I see it. First they are's not like Little Red Ridinghood was REALLY about a little girl taking goodies to her grandmother. SECOND....nobody's life is a faery tale and when one lives life with that expectation......things get a lot more complicated then the slow lane!

Faery tales are delightful. I love them. I love to reflect on the message, to delve into the hidden symbolism, to look at how they enrich my knowledge of life, and time, and the basic human story. But they're not the slow lane...they are deep and dangerous and can cause one to question some basic premises that we once believed in.

Faerytales are delightful as long as one is not lulled into believing that life is like a faery tale. That we get three wishes, and find treasure, that we slay the dragon, and good triumphs over evil, and we marry the Prince.  Well, good DOES triumph over evil but not always in this lifetime. Bad things happen to good people and some very BAD people get a lot of the treasure. Wait.... it IS simple... as long as you remember LIFE is NOT a FAIRYTALE....

This is NOT a negative'm a fairly positive person. It's a tongue in cheek look at faery tales and the things we grow up believing about life. Sometimes it's those very things that drive us to rush through life in the FAST lane. To spend all of our time searching for the castle, the prince, the hidden treasure or trying to slay the dragon. Just remember's not is life (not a faerytale)....a journey to travel full of meaning and connections and melodies that linger in the soul!

Simple or No? (August 2010)

Here is just a small snapshot of the highway system in Houston Texas.....we were driving on the one road you see in the foreground and you can see the other highways looping above... around and everywhere!  This is simply MADNESS!!!

In's a picture of my daughter Kelsey and me on the beach in Galveton Texas....beautiful....peaceful....Life in the Slow Lane....

Only trouble.....had to get through those highway loops to get here!!

Mar Mar Sisters (August 2010)

Life in the Slow Lane means you have a lot more time for things that are important, like people in your life. The Mar Mar Sisters came about because we have a group of friends that hang out together and TRY to get together every Thursday evening for a girls night out. Some of those nights out are LATE and full of craziness...and some are EARLY and full of that cozy feeling you get when you are around people you love....despite any faults they may have.  We didn't have the "name" Mar Mar Sisters until our friend was getting ready to head to Afghanistan and then we decided to have a little celebration and the Mar Mar Sisters were born!

Three of the Mar Mars took a trip to Houston to visit a friend and ended up on a beach in Galveston...Mar Mars are like adventure after we decided to create a little Mar Mar picture! Fun and memories....and Mar Mar Love!

Why Life is NOT Simple (July 2010)
I have banked with my bank for over thirty years. That's a long I guess way back when I set up my account the terms were that if you went below 500 dollars on any day of the month you have to pay a service charge of 8 dollars. This month I noticed it had went up to 10 dollars so I called to see if there was a way to avoid this service charge.

I was told that I could switch to one of their newer accounts which is exactly the same as mine but no fees unless of course it becomes overdrawn. Well DUH.....why would I want to pay 120 dollars a year in services charges when I could get the same thing for is stupid sometimes. I have no idea how long I have been paying for something everyone else is getting free.... probably for years...uuugghh

I have to go up to the bank tomorrow and sign the paper switching the account. I forgot to ask if I could keep my same account number...I hope so because I have several automatic payments set up...if not I'll have to go online and cancel them and resubmit them with the new account number. UGGGHHH.

My REAL question is....why...when they started having FREE checking accounts...didn't they just switch people to it automatically instead of continuing to charge people for something all the other customers were getting for FREE....Nevermind...I know the make more money for corporate USA.....

This is Life in the Slow Lane (July 2010)
What is life in the slow lane? Honestly? It's a little bit about decluttering, a little bit about being frugal, a tad about enjoying small pleasures but mostly for's about taking time to enjoy the things in life that matter. And don't let anyone else tell you what should matter to Y-O-U. It can be something silly.....

Like standing in a corn field on the Fourth of July....just It's about making faery houses out of twigs, and looking at gnomes, and making faery bread. It's about taking the time to hang out with friends and stopping to look at a bug. It's about saying who cares if my house isn't a serves its purpose and let's be honest. A mansion isn't more of a home than a three bedroom ranch. In fact sometimes, it is less so. Especially if one spends all of their time working and worrying about paying the mortgage. Look at the recent mortgage crisis...

Oh the insight I have now....if only I had it when my children were small...things wouldn't have slipped by....we would have danced in the moonlight and laughed at the clouds...more. But it's never too slow find the center of your universe...for me that center is family and friends.....(friends are the family I choose for myself). I may die broke but I will be rich in the people I know...on another blog I wrote about how I am a StoryCollector....and so I am. I collect the stories of life that others may ignore or minimize.

My goal for this summer was to have fun with family and friends and to that end I think I have accomplished it...still one more trip....and our annual party but overall a summer well spent. The house remains about the same....didn't catch up on chores....but I laughed and I danced and I looked at the moon....I told stories and listened to quite a few. We made memories for when the days are cold...and we shall be warmed by them!

I am so blessed by the life God has given me.

Time and the Slow Lane (July 2010)

Where does time go? Does it just evaporate? In my life, it seems to. And it never matters whether I am busy or being lazy...the time just slips by quite quickly. It's something I've pondered for a while now....

Last summer, I felt like I didn't plan anything and that summer just skipped by and at the end I felt a bit disappointed because it was gone. This summer I have planned plenty....perhaps too much and yet the same process is happening....days just evaporate. Oh I suppose it's more fun to be busy and I am having a blast...but in the end...will I still feel that quiet discontent....the oh no...back to work dread?

One thing I have recognized for years can not live their life just two months of the year (summer break). If I try to roll everything fun and all the summer chores into just two just doesn't work...BUT the school year is so hectic and there just doesn't seem to be time for anything other than keeping my head above the water... I'm going to see if this school year I can mange this a bit better....not sure how but I simply must find an alternative!!

I also commented to my daughter, that when one has lots of plans and events that one is preparing for (in the case of this summer...trips) then time goes even faster...but she said...."so you just aren't going to do anything because it makes time go fast?" Well of course that wouldn't work either...SIGH.

It was rather mind boggling the other day when I realized that AFTER this summer...I only have THREE more summers to experience this because the 4th summer will be the summer of my retirement and there will be no end of summer dread after that....I am not going to wish for it to get here quickly because I don't believe in wishing one's life I said ...time moves fast enough as it is....but just doesn't seem possible.

Three Years Olds and the Slow Lane (June 2010)

So this afternoon I picked three year old Evan up early from daycare to have a Grandma afternoon. Let me tell you ....three year olds do not know how to function in the "slow lane".

We had a snack and then made his mom a birthday present, then made fairy bread and attempted to make a fairy in a jar. He got tired of that quickly because there wasn't a lot he could do to he headed into the livingroom and conned his aunt Kelsey into sitting in the dark bathroom playing with the
Yes there is a reason Grandma Days aren't every week....I'm ready for a nap.

Road Trips and Memories (June 2010)

Anyone that even remotely lived in the country back in the 70s....out in the middle of nowhere, when gas was cheap and boredom set in easily....took a roadtrip....driving around the backroads...most of the time with a cooler full of beer or other beverages. We took a spontaneous roadtrip back on Jan. 1st before our friend deployed to Afghanistan. Then we pledge to reenact it when she returned. First time=12 hours....Second time=10 hours....not too bad!

We thought it was great fun...sticking out the sunroof...yes I know...dangerous..... but we were rolling along about 20 miles an hour down a deserted gravel road. I would not suggest it on the interstate!

Stopped several places. Here we posed by the creek for some photo opts. Oh the memories of roadtrips passed, of laughter, friends, and a time when living the simple life wasn't a's what EVERYONE did.
But I suppose the whole point of this post is to say...having fun doesn't have to cost a bundle...simple things can provide lots of laughs and make memories that can warm your heart down the road.
Yes....It's good to be on the road again.

My Beautiful Daughter

My beautiful daughter (right) and her friends last May at high school graduation. Always celebrate PEOPLE in your life...those are the most important aspects of life!

A picture I love......

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